Monday, December 15, 2008

My Semester...

I can not believe it is already over. It was full of highs and lows, but I want to pull out a few of my favorite things. At the beginning of the room, I was convinced I had a crazy roommate. She was a freshman, planned everything out(she even timed how long it took her to get to class), was a little uptight, and didnt know too much about the college life. Not to mention, she went to bed at like 10 so I had to be super quiet. We called her mom because she really was like a mom. Well, let me tell you how much being her roommate blessed me. By the end of the semester we kept each other up all hours of the night laughing and having girl talk. She told me that I brought out the fun in her. She isn't uptight anymore. She is probably one of the funnest girls I know. I know that she was put in my care for a reason. I helped to show her what college was all about. I now call her Lil Baby Tiff Tiff...aka my boo!

I had one other roommie that had a huge impact on Chany Baby. When I first met Chantelle she was quiet and seemed so hard to get to open up. I thought she was going to be a really hard to get to know. Chany and I spent a lot of time together and she really helped bring out the grown up in me. We liked to be crazy and have fun, but she helped me cope so much with everything that was going on. She really reminded me of my sisters. When I needed to talk, no matter what she was doing, she would put me first. Ha, and like my sisters, she tried to get me to see the situation from not just my perspective. She took care of me.

All of my roommates were a dream come true. I guess I just wanted to say that what you see isnt always what you get. It was the highlight of my semester living with these girls.
I went to a nursing home and sang Christmas carols with my neighbors. Even thinking about it makes me tear up a little bit. There was one particular elderly lady that kept staring at me. As I sang, she looked even more intently at me and when I met her eyes, she was crying. What she was thinking about, I am not sure. I can imagine her remembering her youth. I started crying also and even had to stop singing for a moment. It was an experience I needed. They, although older, are sons and daughters of God also. What a humbling experience.
This semester has also helped me get over boys...haha. I dated a whole lot this semester and was finally able to put an old relationship behind me. I haven't really really liked anyone this will take a lot for that, but I have figured out that what is the best thing isnt always the easiest and moving on is what has to be done. I can do it though. I think I am one step closer to it everyday. I really do want to be lovestoned though. I want to like someone so much and know they like me, but I'm not in a big hurry. I have grown up a lot this year. I have figured out a lot of my goals and gotten outside my bubble and loved people that I thought I would never be able to handle. It has been such a wonderful semester. I have loved, I just cant wait to see my family and all my cute nieces and nephews!!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

My Bucket List....

I was just thinking about all the things I wanted to accomplish in life. You never know when it is your time to go, and when it is, have you accomplished what you wanted to? I decided to make a list of the things that are important to me. These are in no particular order...
1-Sky Dive. Seriously, I would probably be so scared, but this has always been appealing to me. It seems like it would feel so free and you would have all the world beneath you to look down on. The adrenaline rush would be amazing!!
2-Go on a cruise. Ha, I am so jealous that some of my siblings have been. Meg and I always say we are going on a best friend cruise together. We will make it happen someday.
3-Travel to Europe. Europe seems to be such a romantic place. I want to go there because it is portrayed so beautifully and magically. I would love to see it in person.
4-Learn how to quilt. I want to make my very own quilt one day. My sisters are good at it and over Christmas Break, I want them to teach me how!
5-Learn Spanish. I love this language and I wish I could speak it! I know a little bit of conversational spanish, but I want to learn to speak it and then travel to hispanic cultures.
6-Go on a service trip to another country. The idea of working in an orphanage in a third world country is something I have always wanted to do. I would love to go to Africa and help there. I love children and it fulfills something inside of me when I am helping other people.
7-Graduate College. I want to be a Dental Hygienist so to get into hygiene school and graduate would be just absolutely GREAT!!
8-Own a house. I want to have my very own house to decorate and dress up the way I want to.
9-Paint a masterpiece. This doesn't have to look like a masterpiece to everyone, but to me it will be. I love artwork and doing my own. I wish I had the supplies to do it here. Maybe it is something I will try to do when I go home for the holidays.
10-Buy a new Car. This will probably be after I graduate college and get some of my college debts paid off, but that sounds so grand to me!
11-Write a Song. I have always been passionate about music and singing. I want to write my own lyrics. I need some sort of inspiration and then it is on!
12-Learn how to ride a motorcycle and OWN one!! I can drive Breena's motorcycle around my apartments complex in first gear, but I want to learn how to really ride one and then when I get enough money, I want to buy one!
13-Be at the ocean at sunset. I have always imagined it being beautiful, but I have never seen it in person. I use to paint pictures of sunsets on oceans. I can only imagine all the colors.
14-Hold a monkey. Monkeys really are so cute. I don't think I want to own one, but I have always wanted to hold one.
15-Make a Wild Flower Bouquet. Wouldn't that be beautiful?
16-Ride Horses in the mountains. I love riding and I love the mountains...that is one glorious combination
17-Find a four leaf clover. I never had the patience to do it as a child and even now Im not sure I would have the attention span to sit long enough to do it.
18-Sing in front of an audience. I'm not talking about in church either. I want to be on a stage and perform my heart out.
19-Kiss on a state line. That's kissing in two places at once! haha, how super?!
20-Write an article for a magazine.
21-Make a wedding cake. I think that would be so much fun. I have always wanted to take a cake decorating class.
22-Go to the Big Apple. I feel like everyone has been there. I really want to go!
23-Learn how to say no when I want to. I can do this sometimes but when it really comes down to it, I'm so bad at saying it. My FHE brothers last year made me a sign that said "JUST SAY NO!"
24-Stay the Night in a Haunted House. How creepy would that be?! I would want to do this with Sandra. I would not feel scared if I were with her.
25-Sleep under the stars. This doesn't mean in a tent...I want to be completely unrestrained. Just me and the great outdoors. It's too cold in Idaho to do this. Maybe in the summer I will do it here though.
26-Spend Christmas on a beach...drinking Pina Coladas. I like this, it's so nontraditional!
27-Take a ride in a hot air balloon. I want to ride away into the sunset in one of these babies!!
28-Own a convertible. I love them!
29-Reflect on my greatest weakness and see how it is my greatest strength. Deep, I know!
30-Swim with a dolphin or two. I love the idea of this, it sounds exotic!
31-Be a member of a tv show's audience. Let's be honest, Oprah would be ideal! haha
32-Send a message in a bottle. I will throw it in the water when I am on my cruise.
33-Shower in a waterfall. Now that sounds exotic!!
34-Help the illiterate to read.
35-Go Latin dancing in a Latin country. This could work if I worked in an orphanage in a Latin country.
36-Ride on a train. Not on a ferry or a subway, but a train.
37-Go on an African Safari. I think this would be the ideal honeymoon...oh which brings me to...
38-Fall in love and be loved back. This would mean me getting married. Not in a big rush for this one, but I want it to happen before I die.
39-Ride a gondola in Italy. This looks like so much fun!
40-Have a baby and look into his/her eyes and see myself. That has to be one of the most fulfilling experiences in the world.
41-White Water Rafting. I love adventure!!
42-See the Golden Gate Bridge in San Fransisco. Seriously, that is not even lame!
43-Visit all 50 of the states. I can do it!
44-Watch the 10 Greatest Movies of all Time. They are called the 10 greatest for a reason and I want to see why for myself!
45-Learn the 75 Skills Every Woman Should Master...and master them!
47-Learn a little bit more about photography. I want to capture the most memorable moments in life and be good at it!
48-Be totally comfortable and happy with who I am. I have heard that people spend their whole lives mastering this one.
49-Adopt a child. I want to adopt from a foreign country. I want to be that person that makes their life better!
50-Experience a true feeling of success. I want to feel utterly and completely successful, like every step I have taken has put me closer to the things I really want in life.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Value of Women

Tonight we had an Enrichment Night based on the value of women. The guest speaker got up and during her talk, asked for our responses on women we highly admired. People from all around the room were naming notable women, their mothers, etc. Very strongly in my mind, however, were each of my sisters. I raised my hand with not one person, but with 3. My 3 best friends; my sisters...This is why

Renee- Well, Renee pretty much raised me. My earliest memories have to do with her. She was always around taking care of my and making sure I had not only what I needed, but everything that a little girl wanted too. She would sing to me every night to make me fall asleep. Everynight, it was "You are my Sunshine." When she got married, it broke my heart. She didn't belong to me anymore and it tore me in two. When I found out she was pregnant, I was devastated. My life was over because I was no longer her baby. However, when Ginny was born, I was taken back by the love I had for this baby. I sang to her every night of the first 3 months of her life "You are my Sunshine." Ginny loves to sing now and when I am home, I will sing her to sleep. Nae will always be my hero. Even when I was sick, she flew out to Tennessee to stay with me in a hospital. I have always known she has cared for me. I would be so lost without her. I admire her so much.

Sandra- Sandra and I are two pieces of the same quilt. We are the party animals. Ha, I remember when I was younger she use to tell me that her friends said I was a little mini-her. At the time, I really didnt know how big of a compliment that was. However, if you know Sandra, it is an honor to be anything like her. She is so driven and motivated to get what she wants. She is quite the planner and may even get a little frustrated with me because I am so set on being spare of the moment. She has always worked so hard to accomplish things. If she has a goal, she will get what she wants. Sandra is so strong and enduring. I can't even say how much I have learned from her. Plus, she has really good taste in shoes...and we wear the same size ;) I would have been so lost this summer without Sandra. We had so much fun together and Im not sure either of us would have expected to get so close. We took care of eachother in a way and both brought out the best in the other. It hurts to be so far from Sandra and Renee because we are best friends.

Rebekah- Ok, this one is a little crazy (Just kidding! Ha, But seriously) Becky boo is the closest sibling in age to me. She and I are pretty much opposites but compliment each other very well. She is my over-achiever sister. She is constantly studying or at work. I have no idea how she manages to find the time to get everything done, but somehow, she still finds the time to make me feel important to her. I can always depend on Becky to come through for me. She is great and I love that she likes to take care of me. Becky definitely treats me like her baby sister when I need it and she treats me like her best friend. We laugh together and have way too much fun. She is such a good influence on me. I like that she makes it clear to me that she isnt perfect. She is doing all that she can though. To me though, she is perfect. She is my sister and I am so glad that I have her here in Idaho. Becky loves to serve others. Ha, my roommates love Becky especially because all the food and cooking she does for us. I guess I will keep her around for a while! I love her
These words are nothing in comparison for the love I have for these beautiful, amazing, hard-working women. I wish I could sum it all up...But I cant. They are each an example of the perfection I want to be some day.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Anything you want, You got it!

OK So maybe the title of this blog is very off because we don't get everything we want. I thought I would write a few things about myself. (Sandra, I know you think I am being vain ;) ) These are a few little things you may or may not know about me:
1. I love Chemistry...Seriously. Math is my favorite subject in school and chemistry is math with words. I love how there is always a direct answer. You always have some sort of formula you can use.
2. I'm not that big a fan of chick flicks. I would rather watch a comedy or a war movie any day. Chick flicks are so fake most of the time. I want real love, not something that is completely perfect and easy and takes no effort. Real passion is found with a cause.
3. Cooking calms me down. When I get stressed out or I feel like there is too much on me, I like to play in the kitchen. I have always loved making things out of other things. It goes the same for art. I have always loved taking a normal sheet of paper and creating something one of a kind with a few colors.
4. My personality probably reflects that of my brother, James. I am such a people- pleaser. I love to see people smile and laugh and it is a bad quality sometime, but I will usually say what they want to hear. Don't think I am not honest though. More than anything i will speak the truth...I will just try to put it politely. I have been told that I am too outspoken. I am very opinionated and I have a tendency to be very vocal about it.
5. I have been in love one time. I had my heart broken and anyone who has had a broken heart knows that mending it is never easy, especially by yourself. Now, I am very guarded and although I may be a flirt, anything past flirtations is difficult for me.
6. I am one of the clumsiest people in the whole world. Seriously. I have tripped and fallen so many times already this semester. Ha, my friend Greg and I decided that when I fall in love, I will probably trip into it. I'm so not graceful! I might trip, but I just laugh it off.

These are just a few things about me. I love life and I try to get the most out of it. Everyday gets better than the one before and I hope that every day I am becoming a better and better me!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Viva la Vida

Wow. I can't believe that I'm almost midway through my semester. It has me thinking a lot about the winter. So many people come and go. I guess I am not that big of a fan of change. I'm addicted to life. I have started taking time to prioritize what is important though. Last night, we had a girls night out. It was more fun than any other girls night has EVER been! We got all prettied up and went to Olive Garden. We figured we deserved it because this week has been all sorts of crazy for all of us. I can't seem to figure out what I want...or what I need to do. I guess that's life though! I just want to live to laugh. I hate that I'm so far from Tennessee right now. I know I am suppose to be here, but I miss those cute southern people I call my fam. I wish I could just call them and let them make my choices for me! haha, Sandra would LOVE that!! Life is just fabulous though. I can't complain, it's good to me! I am one heck of a lucky lady....and I don't think I would change a thing even if I could! This week, Chloe Virginia was born. I am so sad that Michael and Amy are moving though! Their kiddos are so cute! The fam in TN is way excited though! :)
Girls Night Out...

Baby Chloe

Friday, October 10, 2008

A New Day, A New Adventure...

School has been such a challenge. I have been so tied up between work, school, and attempting to have a social life. I have met some really great guys and have been on tons of fun dates. Basically, life is great...with the exception of late nights and early mornings. I have tried lots of new things and learned how to do so much. Tonight, Breena started teaching me how to ride a motorcycle. I was scared to death and only drove around the parking lot but it was way amazing! I am going to practice and see how good I can get! I loved it. My roommates are all so fantastic. I have so much fun with them and they are so hilarious. We make each other laugh all the time. I was so nervous to meet these girls, but I was blessed with the best. Welp, I just thought I would give a little update. I miss my family like crazy and think about them all the time. I wish I could see them! Gah-sh, they are cute!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Back in the Burg

Well, I started the semester off as an I-Team leader. It was a lot of work, but I really enjoyed it! The girls in my group were absolutely adorable. It was awesome to be able to help everyone out. Then, school started! I really didnt know classes could be so hard! My schedule is so demanding, not to mention I work too. It's intense. I love all my roommates. They really are such cute and fun girls! We have been having so much fun. There really aren't any guys that I am in love with right now. Actually, I kind of like the whole not liking anyone thing. I am staying focused on school. That means, unless love hits me REALLY hard, I am going to stay single for a while!
My I-Team Group...

My Roomies plus Becky and Jessica's friend...

It's fun having Beck around too...

Friday, August 29, 2008

I Miss Back When...

When I was younger, my siblings and I lived way out in the country. The woods were our very own playground. We knew every path, every stream, and every shortcut to get to a new adventure. My neighbor has tons and tons of land and we would always to refer to it as the fields. The fields use to be full of fruit trees: peach trees, apple trees, etc. There was an old barn and we use to go in that barn to the second story and jump into the hay on the first story! What a thrill is was!! There was a lake that we use to fish and swim in. My brothers use to hunt in the woods. They really were the best of times...before cell phones, internet, and other modern items. These years were the happiest of my life. I recently went back to visit these old familiar places, except...they had changed so tremendously. I took some pictures and hope they show a little bit of what Tennessee truly means to me. These were the times of simplicity and innocence...
The Barn...

Old Dirt Roads...

The Lake...

Our Chicken Pin and some of the animals...

PS All these pictures are ones that I took. None of been copied and pasted...Peace!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Summer 2008

Summer 2008
This summer is going to end for me very soon. I am driving back to Idaho on the 30th of this month. This has been such a memorable summer though. These are a few of the things I got to do:
-Wisconsin trip with Stef: We went to apply for a medical study. We were both turned down but it proved to be something we really needed. She needed me and I needed her and we were really able to help each other out so much.

-Virginia: I went to Virginia with my mom and aunt and 4 kids ages 6 and under…haha. It was an adventure. We stayed at my Aunt Linda’s and I was able to spend time with my cousin Angela. My friend, Charlie, lives about 45 min away from my aunt, so he came and picked me up and I was able to go stay the night with him in Buena Vista where SVU is.

-Blanchard Springs, Arkansas: My singles branch took a trip to the caverns in Blanchard Springs. They were amazing and it was such a fun road trip consisting of Josh, San, me, and Meg. We had an absolute blast!

Six Flags St Louis: F*U*N!! haha!! I had the best time ever with Sandra, Megan, and Callie. We left at 6 in the morning on a Sat and didn’t get home until 5 in the morning on Sunday. We road all the fun roller coasters and had an absolute blast in the water park. I really enjoy these trips with San!

-Memphis: I have been to Memphis most weekends for my singles branch and I have met some really cool guys…the APX boys…ahaha! They are going to school in Utah and at BYU-I, so I will be able to keep in touch with them…not to mention they are soo cute!

-RAIN!!: In Idaho, we don’t get too much rain, so I made the most of the rain here. I love the thunderstorms and lightning! Me and Meg woke up to it raining and went outside and took a jog in the rain…in our swim suits  We are silly girls!

-Nanny Job: I have been paid all summer to be the mom. I have worked for Richard, a single dad who has two kids. Kevin is 14 and Emily is 12. I only had one at time until this month. I have had both this month. I get paid to cook, drive, and do light cleaning. It has been a good summer job. It has made me appreciate my beautiful mother even more. She is AMAZING!!! I am glad I got to do it for the summer, but I am ready to move on now.

It really has been such a memorable summer. It has been one that I really needed. My testimony of the gospel has been strengthened and I find myself loving the scriptures more and more everyday! I am so glad that I chose to come home for the summer. It really has been so much fun seeing my sweet family. They never fail to amaze me. They are the most wonderful people in the whole world. I would be lost without them!

Monday, August 18, 2008

*I AM...*

I am... Charity Freakin' Eaton.
I think... love songs are the best.
I know... I'm going to be alright.
I want... more time.
I wish... I knew what was going to happen.
I hate... change...most of the time, any way.
I miss... being little and playing with my siblings.
I fear... the unexpected.
I feel... anxious and nervous all at once about getting back to Idaho
I hear... The Used "Smother Me"
I smell... really good! :)
I search... the internet for good church talks.
I wonder... what life has in store for me.
I regret... being ignorant in the past.
I love... music.
I care... a lot about people, even strangers.
I always... smile.
I am not... going to stop trying to be the best me.
I believe... things always work out the way they are suppose to in the end.
I dance... all the time! I love love love dancing!
I sing... every chance I get.
I don't always... have the patience that I should.
I write... in my journal less often than I should.
I win... the hearts of many..haha, kidding!
I lose... pens all the time.
I never... lose faith in my family!
I listen... to lots of good music.
I'm scared of... this up coming semester...
I read... the books my sisters recommend to me.
I am happy about... getting to hang out with my mom today :D

Thursday, August 14, 2008


Life is tough...It is wonderful, but it really is so hard. I think reality kind of slaps us in the face sometimes and throws us a little off balance. My summer in Tennessee is ending and it really is making me so sad. I'm sure I will be fine when I actually get to Idaho, but I am scared to death to be honest. I am not rooming with my best friend, Megan, this year and that really throws me off. I have medical problems that I have a hard time explaining to new people so I feel like if something happens, I am on my own. I am not sure how I am going to deal with this, but I know that I am never truly alone. I sometimes think that life would be so much easier if I did not have to worry about how I am going to pay for school, an apartment, or stuff like that. I wish sometimes that my body was completely healthy because I really do miss my old normal body. I feel like an old lady trapped in mine. My mentality is fine, but physically, I don't know exactly how I am. I am pretty sure that I am past the point of medical help, but I am grateful for what I do have and I know things could be worse. I am just going to keep on smiling and know that I can handle whatever I am given! I'm trying to focus on becoming who I need to be. When life gets like this, I just remember that before I came to earth, I knew I was going to face these trials and I knew that it would be really hard. I like to think that I volunteered for these problems so maybe someone else wouldn't have to. I knew I would be strong enough to handle it...and I am. I have the gospel...and I have my family. I can not even say how much my family means to me. I pray every night for these people because I think they are the most wonderful, amazing, awesome, and beautiful people in the whole world. They give me strength and courage to keep on keeping on. I do love them so much. Even my sisters/brother-in-law, have helped me so much. They're my family and I love them too!! I know I have been blessed and I really can't complain... Life is life....simple as that.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Six Flags is SUPER!

So this past weekend, Meg, Cal, San, and myself all went to Six Flags in St Louis. San and I were both so sick, but had so much fun! We left at about 6 AM from Jackson and stayed at the park until 10, when it closed. We left the park and went to Applebees. It was soo delicious! We were all starving from not really eating all day. I wasnt really sure how to work the GPS and it was set to find Jackson the shortest way. We ended up driving through some crazy backwoods towns until we woke up Sandra because we thought we were lost. I called my daddy and he had me set the GPS to get there the quickest way...haha. That set us back a little bit. We didnt get back to Jackson until 5 in the morning! We were all so exhausted. Not to mention, we woke up for church in the morning! It was ruh-dic! I think it was totally worth it though!! We rode some crazy roller coasters and had a lot of fun checking out the life guards that *cough* looked like they were 17 *cough* Haha. I really had so much fun. I am seriously so happy that Sandra and I are such good friends. She really has made the difference in my summer. It has been the best summer ever! I have had so much fun, but I can't wait to get back to Idaho. I'm driving back on the 30th of this month! Woooo!!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Along My Journey

Lately, I have been putting a lot of thought and study into the atonement. I have learned so much and it really does help me to love and appreciate all that has been given to me in life. Before I started my journey through the atonement, I understood the atonement to be Christ taking on our sins in order for us to be able to repent and return to our Heavenly Father. However, the Bible Dictionary defines atonement as the “reconciliation of man to God…the purpose is to correct or overcome the consequence of sin.”

I never really thought of it as a reconciliation process…I always thought of the atonement as a way for us to receive forgiveness. Through Christ’s atonement, we are able to be become “at one” with God again! That is absolutely amazing to me.

I have always known that Christ took on our sins and that even when we suffer now, he has felt the same feelings that we feel. Monday night, I went to the hospital to see my old seminary teachers mom, who does not have much longer in this life. My teacher needed to do some things, so I volunteered to stay at the hospital with her mom until she was able to return. When she was gone, the nurses had to come in and do some stuff to her poor mother. When I saw them and I saw how much pain she was in, I could not help but to feel her pain. I barely knew this precious woman, but I felt her pain. It hurt me so much to see her in such a condition and I cried. I cried because I could feel her pain and distress. After I left, I started to think about how I felt when I was hurting with her. Christ hurts with us too! I can not imagine having to feel the pain of everyone, but he freely took upon him that. I can not even say how grateful I am for the tender mercies of our Savior. I have had some eye-opening experiences and would not trade them for any thing.

My experiences have built my testimony and my studying of the atonement has really been a blessing to my testimony.

I know that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is real and it is true. I could not deny what I know…ever. I have been blessed with a wonderful family who love and support me. I know that Pres Monson is a prophet of God…I know, that without doubt, that Jesus Christ took on the sins of the world and died that we may all live. I know that he rose triumphantly from a tomb. I pray that I will be worthy to be in his presence. I love the gospel and it makes waking up in the mornings so much easier because it gives me something to live for. I know Heavenly Father knows my name and yours and he loves us with a perfect love. I bear this my testimony in my older brothers precious name, Jesus Christ…Amen

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Simply...Words of Wisdom

I think a lot has happened in my life that pushed me toward growing up faster than most people. I am only 19, but life experience has given me a lot of wisdom. This blog is for the people I love. I wanted to write something that people could come look at when they needed advice or just a little something, ya know? One of the most important things that I have learned is that before you can make anyone else happy, you need to make yourself happy. It is hard, but once you focus on loving yourself and being secure with who you are, people will want to be around you. When you are making choices, think of the choice and the long-term consequences. I think a lot of people get side-tracked with what will be fun or easy now, but it ends up not being the better choice in the long-run. Don't live in fear. Be who you are and don't be scared of what lies ahead. Nothing is impossible unless you let it become that way. Remember, that you are what you deserve. Do not settle for anything less than that. President Gordon B Hinckley said, "Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured." Enjoy this lovely life that you are able to live. Do not take for granted what you have. When you get the chance, tell the people you love that you care for them. To be honest, people you love probably will hurt you. Learn from it, don't let it hold you back. You have to make the best out of what you have and then maybe one day you will realize that it is what you wanted all along. Let life happen. It is so important to remember what temporary happy is and what forever happy is. Something that makes me smile everyday is knowing that I have the gospel of Jesus Christ in my life. I have no need to fear what lies ahead as long as I am worthy at all times, in all things, and in all places. Stand up for what you believe... and most importantly, believe. And as Gandhi said, "Be the change you wish to see in the world." Really, don't ever think that you can't make a difference!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My life is a Comedy...not a tragedy

When life hits you in the face, you just have to say ouch and move on. I have been having the most wonderful summer. I am facing trials that I really did not expect, but luckily I have been blessed with so many wonderful things. I do not know where I would be without my family. They are my rock. I love each of them so much and if I have nothing else to smile about, I have them! Fortunately in my life, I have come across really amazing people. These people have become my friends. This summer has not been anything like I imagined. I thought I would come home and be kind of miserable. I was so wrong. I joined the Singles Branch in Memphis...this is a decision I do not regret. I love my branch! Everyone has their quirks and there are a few creepers, but I LOVE IT!
I'm writing this because life is what you make it. I have turned my summer into something nothing short of amazing. Life isn't always easy. Actually, I can't think of a time when life is ever easy. I try to make laughing easy though. Life is a bittersweet experience. It is what we make of it though. You control your own happily ever after. Nobody chooses whether you will be happy or not. Find something or someone you love and hang on to it. Show it the respect it needs or if it is a person do unto them as they would want you to do, not like you would do unto yourself. Cherish every time you laugh out loud. Let the people you love know it...and let yourself know it too. Don't be scared to stand out. Love and love again... While in the process, you may cry, but make sure you know that you're never alone. Smile until it hurts ;)