Monday, July 20, 2009

Last week of school until January!

I can not believe it is the last week of the semester. School has been tough and my microbiology class has given me a run for my money! I seriously can not wait to be back home for a bit. I will only be there for like two weeks though and then I get married and move back to Idaho. I am counting the days until Aug 8th and there are only 19!! That is crazy!! Poor Robert has been through it with me too...haha. I started taking some birth control and I really think it was just too strong for me. I got super moody, emotional, hungry, and sleepy. After like my tenth break-down, I finally switched to something low estrogen and I am feeling so much better and I know Robert is too! Haha! We are driving back to Tennessee and leaving on the 23rd. Morgan is going to ride with us and so is little Seth. I am pretty sure I am going to drive extra safe with that little boy in the back seat! I feel like since Michael and Amy have moved back that I have gotten pretty close to my little nieces and nephews and I am not going to like being 4 hours away. I will just have to come visit, I reckon! Anyway, I just felt like I needed to blog since it has been a hundred years. I hope everyone makes it out to either our reception in Jackson or open house in Boise! It will be fun and I am going to need to show off my dress :) I love yall!!