Thursday, August 27, 2009

Married... What??

Well, on Aug 8th we took the plunge. Robert and I were married in the Memphis Tennessee Temple. It was seriously one of the best days ever. My mom helped me put on my dress in the bridal room and then went out and brought my sisters to me. We all laughed and talked. A few minutes later, they sent my sisters-in-law into the room. It was such a unifying feeling to have all these beautiful women that I loved and respected in this sacred room with me. I felt so comfortable. I did not have butterflies and I know that was part of being with these girls. I am lucky to have the family that I have. They are everything and more than a family should be. Now, I have an even larger family now that I am married. My in-laws have been so great and I am loving them more everyday. I can not believe that this is where I am in life. Sometimes I wake up and I ask myself if I really did get married. My mornings are always happy when I look beside me and see a big hairy boy named Robert right beside me. I love him so much and I can honestly say that everyday I fall even more in love with him. Well, I just thought I would write this little blog. I am a grateful doubt. Oh, and I will be starting a job at Lowes as a cashier next week. I turned down Maurices because Lowes paid more and I would be getting more hours. All is well!!