Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Anything you want, You got it!

OK So maybe the title of this blog is very off because we don't get everything we want. I thought I would write a few things about myself. (Sandra, I know you think I am being vain ;) ) These are a few little things you may or may not know about me:
1. I love Chemistry...Seriously. Math is my favorite subject in school and chemistry is math with words. I love how there is always a direct answer. You always have some sort of formula you can use.
2. I'm not that big a fan of chick flicks. I would rather watch a comedy or a war movie any day. Chick flicks are so fake most of the time. I want real love, not something that is completely perfect and easy and takes no effort. Real passion is found with a cause.
3. Cooking calms me down. When I get stressed out or I feel like there is too much on me, I like to play in the kitchen. I have always loved making things out of other things. It goes the same for art. I have always loved taking a normal sheet of paper and creating something one of a kind with a few colors.
4. My personality probably reflects that of my brother, James. I am such a people- pleaser. I love to see people smile and laugh and it is a bad quality sometime, but I will usually say what they want to hear. Don't think I am not honest though. More than anything i will speak the truth...I will just try to put it politely. I have been told that I am too outspoken. I am very opinionated and I have a tendency to be very vocal about it.
5. I have been in love one time. I had my heart broken and anyone who has had a broken heart knows that mending it is never easy, especially by yourself. Now, I am very guarded and although I may be a flirt, anything past flirtations is difficult for me.
6. I am one of the clumsiest people in the whole world. Seriously. I have tripped and fallen so many times already this semester. Ha, my friend Greg and I decided that when I fall in love, I will probably trip into it. I'm so not graceful! I might trip, but I just laugh it off.

These are just a few things about me. I love life and I try to get the most out of it. Everyday gets better than the one before and I hope that every day I am becoming a better and better me!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Viva la Vida

Wow. I can't believe that I'm almost midway through my semester. It has me thinking a lot about the winter. So many people come and go. I guess I am not that big of a fan of change. I'm addicted to life. I have started taking time to prioritize what is important though. Last night, we had a girls night out. It was more fun than any other girls night has EVER been! We got all prettied up and went to Olive Garden. We figured we deserved it because this week has been all sorts of crazy for all of us. I can't seem to figure out what I want...or what I need to do. I guess that's life though! I just want to live to laugh. I hate that I'm so far from Tennessee right now. I know I am suppose to be here, but I miss those cute southern people I call my fam. I wish I could just call them and let them make my choices for me! haha, Sandra would LOVE that!! Life is just fabulous though. I can't complain, it's good to me! I am one heck of a lucky lady....and I don't think I would change a thing even if I could! This week, Chloe Virginia was born. I am so sad that Michael and Amy are moving though! Their kiddos are so cute! The fam in TN is way excited though! :)
Girls Night Out...

Baby Chloe

Friday, October 10, 2008

A New Day, A New Adventure...

School has been such a challenge. I have been so tied up between work, school, and attempting to have a social life. I have met some really great guys and have been on tons of fun dates. Basically, life is great...with the exception of late nights and early mornings. I have tried lots of new things and learned how to do so much. Tonight, Breena started teaching me how to ride a motorcycle. I was scared to death and only drove around the parking lot but it was way amazing! I am going to practice and see how good I can get! I loved it. My roommates are all so fantastic. I have so much fun with them and they are so hilarious. We make each other laugh all the time. I was so nervous to meet these girls, but I was blessed with the best. Welp, I just thought I would give a little update. I miss my family like crazy and think about them all the time. I wish I could see them! Gah-sh, they are cute!!