Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

Wow, I just realized that I have not blogged since October. I have to do better.
The past few months have flown by and they have been really good. Full of surprises and such. I went to Tennessee on Dec 7-15. It was a great time and I can never get enough of my family. I love them each and even with all those little quirks of theirs, they are forever written in my heart. When I got back to Boise I started thinking of some things...
Sometimes we are wrong. Sometimes we are right. Sometimes we are terribly wrong, and sometimes we are all too right.
We tend to be judgemental, mostly in good faith, but I think a lot of times we are unfairly judgemental. We develop opinions and biases based on what others say and in stead of confronting a situation to earn our own opinions, we live and breath off of others. I know I am guilty of this. Obviously, there have been people that I have cared less about based on the opinions and observations of others. Realizing the biases of others, I realized how I am guilty of this same thing.
This made me want to change. I can not be mad at others if I am guilty as well. So, I have decided to put an effort in on forming my own opinions based on my own observations, ignoring social norms, but clinging to the morals that I believe in. I do not like cowards. I do not like being talked about. I do not like these things in the least. So, I am also going to make an effort to be braver and to not talk about anyone. I will try to hold my tongue unless I truly do have something nice to say. My daddy use to quote Thumper in Bambi saying "if you dont have anything nice to say, dont say it"....well, it was something like that. I have been frustrated and I am dealing with my own personal struggles. Everyday a new battle approaches, not just in my life, but in all of ours. I do not want to bare my burdens alone. I want to be able to turn to those that I love and trust the most and know that I am not being looked down on but I want to know they have their arms full of love and compassion extended towards me as I would them.
Life is not always a piece of cake. I am blessed to have been given the life that I have.
Everyday is a challenge and a blessing all at once. I look forward to starting school and getting to see Becky and Megan more often.
Anyway, a new little something I will share. I have always loved cameo jewelry. Robert got me a really beautiful cameo necklace for christmas and I have decided that I am going to start collecting it. Cameo is so elegant and beautiful and it reminds me of a classy and graceful time in the world.
I hope everyone is doing well. I love you all and I hope everyone is getting ready for a great new year!!!!