Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Loving Me....Loving You

This past week, I got home from Boise, Idaho. I took sweet Riley to see Robert's family. Unfortunately, Robert was unable to come. I hated leaving him, but I was able to really build relationships that were long overdue.
Being away from Robert was really tough. It made me realize that I may take my sweet husband for granted. He constantly loves me and takes care of me. He found me when I needed him most. I believe that we saved each we continue to do so daily.
Life has been so sweet for us. Riley is growing so fast. It is so insane how quickly my baby boy is growing. He rolls all over the floor and is always babbling away. We are blessed beyond measure. Our life really is a dream come true. Robert has a great job that allows him to spend time with us. He is such an excellent husband and best friend. He is my confidant and I have entrusted to him my whole heart. I was able to get my associate degree, have a gorgeous baby and, get accepted into Dental Hygiene school this year. Productive, huh?! I am so excited to start school in the fall of 2011. What a wonderful year!!
I am treated so well by my sweetheart. I know that every day I have a great life to look forward to. Love is the most wonderful gift I have ever been given. How sweet it is to be loved and to love.