Sunday, October 17, 2010


I have the sweetest baby in the world. He is constantly smiling and laughing and he makes my world so much brighter. He hates going to sleep sometimes. It drives me crazy when I want to take a nap and he refuses to close his little eyes...and then, when I feel like I am going to die because I am so tired, he smiles. He smiles at me and I think to myself that he is soo much more fun than sleeping. Haha...I would so much rather be playing with my silly boy.
He is getting so big and I hate that one day I am not going to be able to cradle him in my arms and snuggle him up tight. He isnt always going to let me do that. Therefore, I am going to treasure every snuggle, every laugh, every moment I have with my boy. I am lucky. I am blessed.
I have been trying to work on some issues I am having. It could be lack of sleep, but I have been so tense. Unfortunately, I have been getting mad over the stupidest things or snapping about nothing. It really is ridiculous. My anxiety also feels like it is getting out of hand. When I do snap or get upset, no matter how small of an issue it was, I feel like all is lost. I hate it. I have such a hard time climbing over these small bumps. I just want to be more patient and I want to be nicer. I have to start putting in more effort to being better to my husband too. I married an excellent man and sometimes, I just dont give him the love he deserves. He might drive me crazy sometimes, but he is the most incredible man in the world. I have to teach myself to bridle my tongue and to choose my battles.
I really could use some help being better...sooo give me advice on how YOU control yourself when you get upset. I need some motivation! Thanks and I look forward to the feedback.