Friday, January 30, 2009

My B-Friend....bahaha

Okay, so I usually date a lot...I think last semester I went on tons of dates every week with tons of different boys. It's kinda my style....Well, this semester was different. I started off not wanting to date any. I was just kind of sick of the dating games. Let me tell you my crazy story...
I tried the whole break to sell my contract and I thought it was sold a few times, but every time something came up. I just decided that maybe I was suppose to live in Colonial again. I just went with it and my first sunday in church, a member of the bishopric stood on the pulpit and I felt like he was speaking directly to me when he said, "You are right where you are suppose to be." It was so amazing to have that confirmation. That same Sunday, I was called to be FHE Coordinator right after sacrament meeting. I accepted the calling and I really wanted to be the best I could be. I spent a lot of time praying on what families should be put together and so forth. When it came down to picking my family, one apartment really stuck out to me...not because they were the cutest, but there was just something telling me that we were suppose to be grouped. Well, I picked the Dad and he was just the one that stuck out to me. His name was Robert Dilgard...this is where I turn into a creeper. Megan came over and we were messing around on facebook and looked him up. We fell in love with his pictures! He was so cute and looked like a lot of fun. I saw who he was in person and thought he was so weird...not in a bad way though. Ha, I totally forgot about thinking he was so cute and fun-looking. I asked to get their numbers because they were my FHE brothers and I sent them all a text so they would have mine. Well, Robert thought I was trying to get his number and thought I only texted him. Nope. Ever since that night though, we have talked every night on the phone, gone on tons of dates, and I told him I would be his girlfriend...Now, I like this boy so much and we have soo much fun together!! We seriously laugh all the time and it's just fun. I dont know where it will go, but I know as for right now, I like how things are and he is so great! Welp, now you all know!! ;)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

For Kara and Amy

I was just looking through my blogs and I wrote a blog for my sisters not too long ago...Well, I decided that I needed to write one for my other two sisters...ha, the ones my brothers picked out for me!
Amy Marie...
Amy is such a good listener. She communicates to well and I love talking to Amy because it is totally comfortable. I love that she is opinionated and says what she thinks. I feel like I can trust whatever she says. I also like how easy going she is. It is always go with the flow with her. I think too often people get caught up in the craziness of life, but not Amy. When Amy first came into our family I wasn't sure how I first felt about her. For some reason, I thought that whoever was marrying into my family should be giving it their all to be accepted. Ha, she was just herself though. I learned a lot from that and I try to be like that too. I want people to know me for me like I see Amy. What you see is what you get. Amy is full of natural beauties and I miss her living so close...oh, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE how she is so brave. In a way, she puts my brother in his place, haha!

Kara Jo
James is my best friend brother. I really feel like I could say anything in the world to him and I know if I ever need to talk, he would listen. Kara Jo married James...ha, bless her heart, he is a crazy one! This is about Kara though, not James. I really got to know Kara this past summer when I lived with her and James for about a month or two before I started school. Kara has such a compassionate heart. She reminds me a lot of myself. She and I can talk about anything and everything. Ha, she reminds me of just another one of my girl friends! Kara dresses so cute and sometimes I swear she looks like she came straight from a magazine page. I appreciate Kara's ambition. She wants to be a photographer and because she loves it so much and puts so much work into it, she will succeed. She is so gentle and kind. Kara is such a wonderful addition to our family!!

I love these two beautiful women and they both inspire me in their own ways. I miss them so much, but I know my family so happy to have them in the great land of the south!! I LOVE YALL!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Today, is my birthday. I am officially 20 years old. My parents no longer have any teenagers! For my 20, I am going to make a list of 20 things I want to improve on. I will try to focus on bettering myself in these areas:
1. Reading my scriptures. I could be so much more faithful in doing this and I really want to try to be more actively involved in studying them.
2. Serving those around me. It really is the best way to show someone you care and I really value people and relationships in general.
3. Being serious when I need to be. I am so use to just laughing things off that I sometimes dont take into consideration the feelings of people around me.
4. Study harder!! I am going to study so that I can get the grades I need to...Dental Hygiene here I come!!
5. Cleaning my room. I want my room to look better throughout the week!!
6. Letting my family know how much I care about them. I think I have improved on this, but there are no people more special to me than my family. I love them so much and I am so grateful that I have them for eternity!!!
7. Budgeting. I am going to budget more wisely!
8. My sensitivity. I have been really sensitive to some stuff in the past and these are things Im not going to let bother me.
9. Loving me. I want to learn to love myself unconditionally. Who cares if I am not the smartest or prettiest girl in the world? I want to be happy with me and who I am.
10. Im going to take a spanish class!! I love spanish so much and want to learn to really use it.
11. Plan ahead. I am so spontaneous and usually just go with the flow so I am going to try to be more prepared.
12. Exercise. I want to at least work out 5 days a week. I am loving the school's gym!
13. Fulfill my calling. I kind of put previous callings on the back burner so I want to do all that I can to totally fulfill the things I need to get done.
14. Live without fear. Why should I have fears? What is the worst thing that could happen anyway? I know that no matter what, I can always perservere.
15. Write my missionary friends. I need to support them and let them know how proud I am!!
16. Blog...yes, I am going to try to keep this more updated.
17. Prioritize....I need to evaluate what is important.
18. NOPROCRASTINATING!! I am not going to put things off!!
19. Live for the tomorrow. I am going to let go of yesterdays and focus on what I can do to live happier in the future.
20. LIVE!!!!! I am going to be me. You know, KEEP IT REAL!