Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My life is a Comedy...not a tragedy

When life hits you in the face, you just have to say ouch and move on. I have been having the most wonderful summer. I am facing trials that I really did not expect, but luckily I have been blessed with so many wonderful things. I do not know where I would be without my family. They are my rock. I love each of them so much and if I have nothing else to smile about, I have them! Fortunately in my life, I have come across really amazing people. These people have become my friends. This summer has not been anything like I imagined. I thought I would come home and be kind of miserable. I was so wrong. I joined the Singles Branch in Memphis...this is a decision I do not regret. I love my branch! Everyone has their quirks and there are a few creepers, but I LOVE IT!
I'm writing this because life is what you make it. I have turned my summer into something nothing short of amazing. Life isn't always easy. Actually, I can't think of a time when life is ever easy. I try to make laughing easy though. Life is a bittersweet experience. It is what we make of it though. You control your own happily ever after. Nobody chooses whether you will be happy or not. Find something or someone you love and hang on to it. Show it the respect it needs or if it is a person do unto them as they would want you to do, not like you would do unto yourself. Cherish every time you laugh out loud. Let the people you love know it...and let yourself know it too. Don't be scared to stand out. Love and love again... While in the process, you may cry, but make sure you know that you're never alone. Smile until it hurts ;)