Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Age: 21 glorious years!
Bed size: Full :-/ Hopefully that changes soon
Chore I hate: Folding clothes.....urghhh!!
Dog's name: None
Essential to start my day: Brushin my teeth
Favorite color: Red or turquiose
Gold or silver: Gold
Height: 5'8
I am: really tired...going to bed very soon!
Job: Full time student. Im working on getting a job though
Kids: One on the way. I hope to have lots.
Living arrangements: 2 bed room apartment. It is very cute! I love it.
Mom's name: I call her Bom, she goes by Diane, but her real name is Porla...I love you bom!
Nickname: Chare, Chare bear,
Overnight hospital stay: Bladder surgery
Pet peeve: Things not going in the dishwasher right.
Quote from a movie: "After all, tomorrow is another day." -Gone with the wind
Right or left handed: Righty-so original.
Siblings: Renee', Michael, Sandra, James, Rebekah
Time I wake up: If I could, 9:00 everyday. It just always feels good.
Unique thing about my car: Her name is Keisha; she is a black avenger
Vegetable I hate: brussel sprouts
Ways I run late: Usually just when I am waiting on every one else.
X-rays I've had: Oh, lots.
Yummy food I make: If I make it, it is yummy
Zoo favorite: Monkeys...hippos.

Listen, all you haters:

Okay, okay!! I am going to try really hard to get better at blogging!! I do not look pregnant enough to put up pictures. I would just feel chubby in them. My life is not too eventful right now, but I did have some inspiration:
I was just thinking about how short tempered I have been. It seems like the people I care about the most are the ones that I need to treat the best, but I take my frustrations out on them. I started thinking about how it is our family that deserves to be treated the best, but because we are so comfortable around them, our bad side may come out. I really am going to put an effort forth to uplift those that I love. I want to try to always put my best foot forward. It always seems like I lose my patience so quickly around the people I am closest too. However, they are the ones that deserve the full patience from you. I just thought of these things and thought they were worthy of sharing. Maybe we could all take a look at how we are treating those that mean the most to us and hopefully we are showing them they mean the most through our actions toward them.
Morgan is in Idaho visiting me. It is fun to have her here. She keeps me from being bored. I have fun fun fun! Ha, it is hard to get homework done though.
Life is great. Im so happy that I am alive and I pray that I am able to stay optimistic. I really do hope that I can treat everyone around me better. I really do need to make that a top priority.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

For Mom...and the rest of you :)

Every time I talk to Mom, she tells me that I need to get on and blog. Okay, okay! I will do it!
So everyone knows by now that I am pregnant. Things are going great. I feel sick a lot, but I rarely throw up (I hate to say that around Nae, she is a sickly one). I am in school and have been working my butt off trying to keep my grades up. I have applied for Dental Hygiene school, and if all works out, I will be in school August 17th doing that. Life is busy, but it helps the days to go along a little faster. I can not wait until Mom gets here. I am going to have to work extra hard to stay on track because I know I am going to want to go see her a lot.
I am trying to work out a way to come home in April. I really want to see all my family. San and Daddy especially.
I am pretty sure I am going to name Baby Dilly Riley James. I love the name Riley because it is a southern name. My mom had an uncle riley, so it is a family name as well. James comes from my big brother. I have always looked up to him and I want to name my baby after him. I do not have too much to say. I feel like I am just rambling right now, but if I come up with something significant to say, I will be sure to blog.....Love to all!! -charity