Friday, August 29, 2008

I Miss Back When...

When I was younger, my siblings and I lived way out in the country. The woods were our very own playground. We knew every path, every stream, and every shortcut to get to a new adventure. My neighbor has tons and tons of land and we would always to refer to it as the fields. The fields use to be full of fruit trees: peach trees, apple trees, etc. There was an old barn and we use to go in that barn to the second story and jump into the hay on the first story! What a thrill is was!! There was a lake that we use to fish and swim in. My brothers use to hunt in the woods. They really were the best of times...before cell phones, internet, and other modern items. These years were the happiest of my life. I recently went back to visit these old familiar places, except...they had changed so tremendously. I took some pictures and hope they show a little bit of what Tennessee truly means to me. These were the times of simplicity and innocence...
The Barn...

Old Dirt Roads...

The Lake...

Our Chicken Pin and some of the animals...

PS All these pictures are ones that I took. None of been copied and pasted...Peace!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Summer 2008

Summer 2008
This summer is going to end for me very soon. I am driving back to Idaho on the 30th of this month. This has been such a memorable summer though. These are a few of the things I got to do:
-Wisconsin trip with Stef: We went to apply for a medical study. We were both turned down but it proved to be something we really needed. She needed me and I needed her and we were really able to help each other out so much.

-Virginia: I went to Virginia with my mom and aunt and 4 kids ages 6 and under…haha. It was an adventure. We stayed at my Aunt Linda’s and I was able to spend time with my cousin Angela. My friend, Charlie, lives about 45 min away from my aunt, so he came and picked me up and I was able to go stay the night with him in Buena Vista where SVU is.

-Blanchard Springs, Arkansas: My singles branch took a trip to the caverns in Blanchard Springs. They were amazing and it was such a fun road trip consisting of Josh, San, me, and Meg. We had an absolute blast!

Six Flags St Louis: F*U*N!! haha!! I had the best time ever with Sandra, Megan, and Callie. We left at 6 in the morning on a Sat and didn’t get home until 5 in the morning on Sunday. We road all the fun roller coasters and had an absolute blast in the water park. I really enjoy these trips with San!

-Memphis: I have been to Memphis most weekends for my singles branch and I have met some really cool guys…the APX boys…ahaha! They are going to school in Utah and at BYU-I, so I will be able to keep in touch with them…not to mention they are soo cute!

-RAIN!!: In Idaho, we don’t get too much rain, so I made the most of the rain here. I love the thunderstorms and lightning! Me and Meg woke up to it raining and went outside and took a jog in the rain…in our swim suits  We are silly girls!

-Nanny Job: I have been paid all summer to be the mom. I have worked for Richard, a single dad who has two kids. Kevin is 14 and Emily is 12. I only had one at time until this month. I have had both this month. I get paid to cook, drive, and do light cleaning. It has been a good summer job. It has made me appreciate my beautiful mother even more. She is AMAZING!!! I am glad I got to do it for the summer, but I am ready to move on now.

It really has been such a memorable summer. It has been one that I really needed. My testimony of the gospel has been strengthened and I find myself loving the scriptures more and more everyday! I am so glad that I chose to come home for the summer. It really has been so much fun seeing my sweet family. They never fail to amaze me. They are the most wonderful people in the whole world. I would be lost without them!

Monday, August 18, 2008

*I AM...*

I am... Charity Freakin' Eaton.
I think... love songs are the best.
I know... I'm going to be alright.
I want... more time.
I wish... I knew what was going to happen.
I hate... change...most of the time, any way.
I miss... being little and playing with my siblings.
I fear... the unexpected.
I feel... anxious and nervous all at once about getting back to Idaho
I hear... The Used "Smother Me"
I smell... really good! :)
I search... the internet for good church talks.
I wonder... what life has in store for me.
I regret... being ignorant in the past.
I love... music.
I care... a lot about people, even strangers.
I always... smile.
I am not... going to stop trying to be the best me.
I believe... things always work out the way they are suppose to in the end.
I dance... all the time! I love love love dancing!
I sing... every chance I get.
I don't always... have the patience that I should.
I write... in my journal less often than I should.
I win... the hearts of many..haha, kidding!
I lose... pens all the time.
I never... lose faith in my family!
I listen... to lots of good music.
I'm scared of... this up coming semester...
I read... the books my sisters recommend to me.
I am happy about... getting to hang out with my mom today :D

Thursday, August 14, 2008


Life is tough...It is wonderful, but it really is so hard. I think reality kind of slaps us in the face sometimes and throws us a little off balance. My summer in Tennessee is ending and it really is making me so sad. I'm sure I will be fine when I actually get to Idaho, but I am scared to death to be honest. I am not rooming with my best friend, Megan, this year and that really throws me off. I have medical problems that I have a hard time explaining to new people so I feel like if something happens, I am on my own. I am not sure how I am going to deal with this, but I know that I am never truly alone. I sometimes think that life would be so much easier if I did not have to worry about how I am going to pay for school, an apartment, or stuff like that. I wish sometimes that my body was completely healthy because I really do miss my old normal body. I feel like an old lady trapped in mine. My mentality is fine, but physically, I don't know exactly how I am. I am pretty sure that I am past the point of medical help, but I am grateful for what I do have and I know things could be worse. I am just going to keep on smiling and know that I can handle whatever I am given! I'm trying to focus on becoming who I need to be. When life gets like this, I just remember that before I came to earth, I knew I was going to face these trials and I knew that it would be really hard. I like to think that I volunteered for these problems so maybe someone else wouldn't have to. I knew I would be strong enough to handle it...and I am. I have the gospel...and I have my family. I can not even say how much my family means to me. I pray every night for these people because I think they are the most wonderful, amazing, awesome, and beautiful people in the whole world. They give me strength and courage to keep on keeping on. I do love them so much. Even my sisters/brother-in-law, have helped me so much. They're my family and I love them too!! I know I have been blessed and I really can't complain... Life is life....simple as that.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Six Flags is SUPER!

So this past weekend, Meg, Cal, San, and myself all went to Six Flags in St Louis. San and I were both so sick, but had so much fun! We left at about 6 AM from Jackson and stayed at the park until 10, when it closed. We left the park and went to Applebees. It was soo delicious! We were all starving from not really eating all day. I wasnt really sure how to work the GPS and it was set to find Jackson the shortest way. We ended up driving through some crazy backwoods towns until we woke up Sandra because we thought we were lost. I called my daddy and he had me set the GPS to get there the quickest way...haha. That set us back a little bit. We didnt get back to Jackson until 5 in the morning! We were all so exhausted. Not to mention, we woke up for church in the morning! It was ruh-dic! I think it was totally worth it though!! We rode some crazy roller coasters and had a lot of fun checking out the life guards that *cough* looked like they were 17 *cough* Haha. I really had so much fun. I am seriously so happy that Sandra and I are such good friends. She really has made the difference in my summer. It has been the best summer ever! I have had so much fun, but I can't wait to get back to Idaho. I'm driving back on the 30th of this month! Woooo!!