Thursday, April 16, 2009

So What if I am IN LOVE?

My life has been absolutely incredible. I am staying in Rexburg for the summer and I am so excited. I am living with Becky and Megan and for the first time since I started college, I have my own room! YES! Things with Robert are great. He is way too cute and guess what? I love him! haha! Who would have ever thought, right?! I went to Boise to visit him over the break and let me tell you, it was the most incredible time of my life! Let me give you a little agenda
Friday- We got to Boise and Brett made us lunch...gourmet grilled pb&j sandwiches...Ha. It was different, but not too shabby. We went and visited with Rob's family for a while and then went to a huge bonfire. There were dirt bikes, jeeps, mud, and a little pond. It was so much fun. Dirt bikes are so much fun, but are a little scary!
Saturday-Easter Egg Hunt and motorcycle ride. Morgan and I took turns riding with Rob and his dad. It was so much fun! Motorcycles are the best...I really want one! That night, we drove about 2 hours to get to this "Indian" hot spring as Rob called it. It was totally secluded and we had to walk a little ways to get there. It was in this stream on the side of a mountain and oh my gosh, it was so incredible. The pines around us looked so high and the stars were so clear and they didnt even seem that far away. It was amazing.
Sunday-We went to church and then that night we went to Table Rock. It is way up on the top of a mountain and it overlooks all of Boise. It was beautiful! I'm pretty clumsy, so I was careful on the edge of the cliff thingy...Ha, Rob asked me to please not fall so I knew that I had to be careful! Around 1 in the morning, we went to this old run down country diner called Merrits. There was a jukebox and plenty of good music. We ate there and jammed out. I loved it!
Monday-We took it easy and didnt do too much. We went to Buffalo Wild Wings...mmmmm....and then that night just watched a movie at a friends. It was a nice day!
Tuesday-We went to downtown Boise and walked around. I really like Boise a lot. It was fun. We left there and I cooked dinner for the Dilgards and then had to head to Idaho Falls to pick Rebekah up from the airport.
It was a little sad to leave. I seriously love Robert's family! They are hands down some of my favorite people yet! I had had so much fun and didnt want to go back to Rexburg. And the verdict is....I am so in love! haha! it is a little ridiculous, Im not even going to lie! School starts Monday and Im excited. I am only taking microbiology, but that is supposed to be a pretty demanding class. I am going to give it what I've got though! Life is so good. I love it...A LOT! I miss everyone terribly and hope to see yall soon! I love you SOO MUCH!