Saturday, February 21, 2009

Dazed and Confused...

Sometimes life happens...and there is no explanation. This is not supposed to be a blog to make people feel bad for me, so please do not read it and feel sorry for me. This is what's up. I fell in love...I spent everyday of the semester so far with a boy and he it caught me off guard. I went to meet his parents on Valentine's Day weekend and had so much fun with them. There was no indication of anything wrong. He adored me, so did his family. Well, I started noticing something was a little off...Not that we weren't happy, but that he wasn't treating me normal. I told him he wasn't being as sweet as he usually was and he started thinking about it and told me something was off with him, but it wasn't me or our relationship. He thought we might need a break, but his definition of a break was us still be together but not see each other. I thought that might be ok, but I hated not seeing him so I told him I would rather just be his friend than not see him at all. We decided to date other people. It hurts a little...a lot. I miss him. I am good though. I know that either way, things are going to work out. I really don't know what is going to happen with him, but I know that I can learn from the situation...I still am lost though. Everything was perfect...too perfect, I guess. My friends all think we will get back together, but even if we don't I know that there is something that is going to make both of us happy. I know that over time it will be easier and things will fall into place. It just takes time. I wish I had my family here to comfort me, but I have Becky. Meg is here for me too and she can make me laugh in any circumstance. Life is funny...and more confusing than I would have ever thought. Well, I better start studying for my mid-terms....but just a thought for everyone, when God shuts a door, he opens a window...and that is the attitude I need to have. Have a wonderful day!! Love all yall TONS.... -Chare

Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Valentine's Day is my favorite holiday. I love the decorations and all the fun and cute stuff people do. I am going to be spending this Valentine's Day with Robert in Boise. Umm....weird. I can't say that I saw this one coming. Last night, Rob was really anxious to see me. He kept texting me asking me when I was going to be home. I got home and texted him and got no reply. He doesnt get reception at his apartment, so I figured he just hadnt got my text. Becky came over while I was waiting and I hung out with her for a bit and she told me that she saw Rob at my complex hometeaching. He texted me and told me that he was with his roommate hometeaching and would be over in 15 min. I had been home about an hour and finally he showed up with his roommie. Well, my roommates were in the laundry room doing laundry and they insisted that I come out and talk to me that it was really important. So, I went out and as we were walking past the cars, I looked over and my car had been heart attacked. I looked at my apartment and Rob was watching me as I found it. Nobody has ever done that for me! It was sooo cute....

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I Should be doing Homework...

Sometimes I find myself at the library, sick of studying, on my blogger. Let's see here...What is new in my life? Well, I went to the doctor because I have been feeling really dizzy and light headed and I had some tests run and the doctor came back and told me that I was anemic! Weird!! He even asked if I was a vegetarian...Umm, anyone who knows me or my family knows that we LOVE meat...and by meat I mean RED MEAT! He put me on an iron supplement and it has helped a little, but I have been so light headed still. Sometimes, I even black out a little bit, but it's never for too long. I am all good though. It's probably an early onset of old age! Ha!!
Valentines day is right around the corner and it just so happens to be my very favorite holiday! I love the decorations and I guess I like the spirit! This Valentine's day I will be in Boise. I have no idea what I am doing, but I know Rob has made some sort of plans. I hate surprises though!! I was making him a quilt and when we were ready to sew the fabric, the sewing machine was broken!! I really got so down about it because I was already in a hurry to get it done and this put a major damper on things. I will get it all sorted out though! I will blog about the Boise trip when I get back.
Well, I better get back to Chemistry, but I hope everyone is staying focused on their goals...Thank Heavenly Father for all the great things you have and tell the ones you love that you do! Have a great day! I miss and love all of yall!

Friday, February 6, 2009


Megan Michelle Dunlap is my best friend. When we were younger, it was her optimism that made me want to be a happy person too. Megan and I lived an hour away from eachother, but somehow we managed weekend trips to see eachother. We decided on BYU-Idaho together and were roommates our first year of college and will be again this summer. I just wanted to write a little blog to express what she means to me. I can not count the number of times we have laughed until we have cried or cried until we have laughed. She has always been there for me and I wouldnt trade any of our times for the world. She knows everything about me and loves me still the same! I believe that she is one of the most perfect people in the world. There have been times when I have been stubborn and difficult and 4'11'' Megan has put me in my place. I really cant describe how lucky I am to have Little Megs as my best friend. I know I may use the term best friend lightly, or maybe I did in the past, but a friendship like hers is once in a lifetime. We balance eachother out and probably do have more fun than we should. I would do anything in the world for her and I know she would do the same. We were complete opposites when we met, but now, we are 2 peas in a pod....we are like mac-n-cheese.
Life wouldnt be as much fun without my best friend. Treasure the friends you have and when you can, let them know that you love them and you are blessed to have them.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

You Cant Have it All...

Earlier I was talking with a friend from my Chem class. I was telling her that if you are really succeeding in one thing, you are probably lacking in other areas. Well, I am doing really well in all my classes, except for Chem. It takes so much out of me. I am not going to complain about it though because I am so happy about life right now. I am where I need to be spiritually, Im crazy about a good boy, and my grades are great in my other classes. I am not going to let my happiness by based on one class. I will be done with it in April anyway. I miss home like crazy....I really wish some fam could come visit me here. I am really lucky to have Beck here though. She takes care of a way, she is my angel. Next semester I am going to be her neighbor. It will be fun. Well...Let's see, what's new with me...
I have heard or learned a few things lately that I really appreciated and I want to share with you.
-If you wanna get something done, make a promise to yourself and don't break it!
-You might get off track, but once you realize it, prioritize and make sure you are putting the important things first.
-Realize that you are full of potential and live up to that potential!!
Ha, something I thought of the other day was, "If a tiny seed can grow in to a huge oak tree, then I can do chem!" Haha!
Life is tough, but we are so blessed to have it...
If you are really smart you may lack in other areas and just because you are really good with people doesnt mean you will be good with books...haha, Its all about how much work you put in.
I love yall!!