Thursday, February 24, 2011

Busy as a bee....

February has come and gone so fast. Time subtly slips right through our fingers.
My angel baby has grown so much. He is on the verge of crawling and my heart explodes everytime he says "mama" and throws his arms out for me to get him. I wish I could put a little freeze frame on our life right now. Robert is the best spanish teacher ever and he works so hard. I send him off to school everyday with a blue lunch box filled with goodies and anxiously wait for him to get home in the afternoon. Riley gets so excited when Robert comes in. He starts kicking his little legs and smiling and laughing. We are blessed to have such a happy little guy.
I am so anxious to start dental hygiene school. Im not anxious to leave the little man that I spend 24/7 with, but I know I need to do this for my family...for him.
I have been thinking a lot about the silent struggles that people often face. I am trying to go out of my way to make life a little happier or easier for those around me. Whether they be of my same social status, race, religion, etc, I want to make people happy. I love making people smile and the more that I am able to make others feel important and loved, the better I feel about myself. I think that is a beautiful concept.
Everyday, I want to grow into the woman that I know Heavenly Father wants me to be. Robert is constantly helping me to improve and I fall a little more in love with him every day. Granted, there are times he drives me crazy, but we are married so that is to be expected ;)
I really do need to get some pictures up. Riley has grown so much and is such a beautiful baby. He is so full of life and energy. My family calls him the "spaz." I never could have understood the way a mother loves until I became one. It is a love that has gradually grown and matured. It is special...
I hope you are all making the most out of life and trying your hardest to enjoy every minute of it! Love to you all :)

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