Saturday, January 1, 2011

Goodbye 2010, Hello 2011

This past year was one of the best years of my life. It seemed like everything I wanted to accomplish, I did...and then some!
I got my associates degree in April and found out that I was accepted into the bachelors program for Dental Hygiene school. Getting into hygiene school is very competitive, but I did it!! I thought I was going to have to turn down the offer and re-apply due to the baby situation I was in. However, I called the school, and they told me that they would let me defer a year so that I could spend a year getting use to being a awesome is that!?! In July, my life changed for forever. The 7th day of July, my beautiful baby boy decided to come into my arms. My heart fills with so much joy just thinking of his tiny little nose and sweet cooing. I knew my life would change when he came, but I didnt know how much warmth and sunshine would come, or how much love I would feel. I have known what it feels like to love, but I could not even begin to explain the magnitude of love that has come to me and how I have been able to expand my love.
On August 8th, my love, Robert, and I celebrated our one year wedding anniversary. On this day, Robert blessed Riley in the same ward that I was blessed in 21 years prior. It was a beautiful blessing and a perfect day.
Everyday I am so grateful for my life. Robert is a dream come true. Riley is the most pure loving person in this world. They make my life better everyday.
In November, Sandra tied the knot with Brent. I am so happy for them!
In early December, I was able to take Riley to visit my incredible in-laws. I love the Dilgards and had so much fun with them. We ate lots of yummy food, made christmas cookies together, shopped together, stayed up late, and lots of other fun stuff. I am blessed to have them in my life. I know that Robert and I knew each other before this life and loved each other and each others families long ago. I miss them and I wish that they were closer. I really hope September and Travis get to live in San Antonio, TX for school so we can drive to see them. I love them all so much.
Christmas was the best Christmas I have had in a long time. It was so exciting for me to be in TN and not only was I in TN, but I had Robert and Riley. Riley's first Christmas was so much fun.
New Years was also so exciting. The last day of the year I was able to go to a sealing in the temple. It was so wonderful to be in the temple the last day of the year :) The reception was held that night at the train depot. The DJ was incredible and I danced the night away. I still got it ;) I had so much fun tearing the dance floor apart with Robert and with my mom and sisters. We know how to have fun!!
The first day of the year, I am sitting here, blogging about the last. I made black eye peas, fried green tomatoes, cornbread, and fried chicken strips. Robert and I are watching a football game together. We are just about to use the AWESOME ice cream maker September got us and make homemade strawberry ice cream...yummmmy!!!!
It was a wonderful year. It started out beautifully, and went out with a bang!!
I can not wait to see what this year has in store for us. I know that in Aug, I will be starting school again, yikes! I only anticipate the best for this year. Happy New Year everyone! Let's make it a good one!!!!!


Sandra and Brent said...

New Years Eve was so fun. I'm glad we got to spend it together and I'm glad we got to party! I loved it.

Megan said...

Our boys share bdays!! What a fun day that is for us!